Corporate Identity & Market Positioning

Your brand tells your target audience, who you are and what you do, but most importantly, how well you do it.

Branding is not just about a logo, but a reflection of your Company as a whole, what you believe in and how you operate. Brands create experiences and build an intangible equity in the value of a business. Engage the people around and also within your business, these people will be your biggest advocates and will help you develop an image that can carry the weight of your business.

Our approach to brand strategy takes into consideration your industry, your competitors and how to connect with your audience.
We help you identify what makes you, you.

Logo &Style Guides

Your logo is a core element of your business, market positioning and the perception of your products and services.

We create logos that get noticed and stand out in a crowd. We believe a logo should be timeless and go the distance to stay with you throughout the lifetime of your business through growth, change or diversification.

Times and trends change, we also respect the hard work you have already done, so if you have grown tired of your look, sometimes all your logo needs is a bit of a makeover. Logo evolution is an effective way of reviving your brand and the energy of your business, as well as your client base!

Remember to treat your logo and brand with respect, never give your logo away without the protection of a style guide. A style guide is basically a manual for your logo and how it can be duplicated or applied by both internal and external parties. This will make sure that you never look out of place or have a bad ‘brand’ day.


Get the competitive edge that is second to none. Consistency is the key. It is important to give your brand a voice and convey a clear message across all media and channels of communication. Convince people you mean business. We help you to develop a strong and united suite of resources to consolidate your efforts in making an impact.